Bardouly Gallery - Accommodation

The sumptuously appointed Chateau La Bardouly, delightfully situated in the Dordogne has utterly delightful, compellingly comfortable rooms as well as games room, pool and places to relax.

It is the perfect setting for a deeply fulfilling yoga retreat. Have a look at the wonderful location here, then return to the Bordouly page for more photos, information on itinerary, costs, travel and how to book.


BARDOULY Bakers Room1 BARDOULY Balloon Room2 Bardouly Bleue Bathroom3 BARDOULY Bleue Room4 Bardouly Boys room bathroom5 Bardouly boys room6 BARDOULY Butterfly Room7 Bardouly Dining room8 Bardouly Drawing Room 29 BARDOULY Drawing Room10 Bardouly Drivers room bathroom11 Bardouly Drivers Room12 BARDOULY Games Room13 BARDOULY Green Room14 Bardouly Kitchen (JC Le Goater's conflicted copy 2015-11-24)15 BARDOULY Music Room 216 Bardouly Pigeonnier Owl room17 BARDOULY Playroom 218